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Multisac showed products in Intergal

Again the Intergal - Exhibition of Food and Beverage Sector Portugal had the presence of Multisac.
The 4th edition of the event took place 25-27 June in ExpoSalão - Exhibition Centre, in Batalha.
This is a fair of professional character directed to the foreign market.
In order to stimulate the market and encourage the expansion of exports, Multisac established several contacts for new partnerships.
Over the three days, portuguese producers and food industry manufacturers showed their products.

New equipment for manufacture of doypacks

The Multisac acquired, recently, a machine that allows the production of doypacks, a flexible package that, increasingly, is being used in various industries, including the food area for snacks, beverages, sauces and meat.
The doypacks are produced to remain standing after filling, due to the bellows of oval background, having a protective barrier and ZIP.
With this investment the Multisac increases its responsiveness to a product that already has a great demand from consumers.


With a Department of Quality, Multisac has an internal laboratory, strengthening this area with the regular use of external laboratories to conduct independent tests.

Innovation Bag-in-Box

Multisac made, recently, an investment in a plant of Bag-in-Box, whose installed capacity allows the bags production 2-20 liters for packaging liquids and pastes, including wine, beer, water, milk, olive oil, vegetable oils, fruit juices and soft drink concentrates.
The company supplies the domestic market as well as Spanish and soon will make new investments in this sector in order to expand his area of action at European level.
The Bag-in-Box is an innovative packaging, whose major advantage is to keep unchanged the properties of the liquid even after opening. The bag is airtight and air never comes into contact with the liquid, thus preventing its oxidation.

Multisac renews certifications

Multisac seen recently renewed the certification of the Quality and the Food Safety Management Systems.
Through the certification of the Quality Management System the company meets the requirements specified in the standard norm NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the production and marketing activity of flexible packaging with and without impression, particularly the commitment to the quality and the satisfaction of its customers.
The company also complies the requirements specified in the standard norm NP EN ISO 22000: 2005 for the production and marketing activity of flexible packaging with and without impression for the food area produced in Multisac, through the commitment to public health, ensuring the consumer confidence.
The certifications are the result of the bet of Multisac in the capacity of production, in the quality of its resources and in the continued investment in new methods and means to ensure improvements in the packaging and in the existing processes, increasing product quality and productivity.
The Quality and Food Safety Management Systems are implemented at the company headquarters in the Zona Industrial do Monte Cavalo and in the Unit II in Paços de Vilharigues, with the Quality valid until July 2016 and the Food Safety until July 2017.
Multisac is certified in the Quality area since 2013 and in the area of Food Security since 2014.


The premises of Multisac have a covered area of more than 4000m2, implemented in a total area of ​​19000m2. It has been improved according to the the HACCP Plan and to the Good Manufacturing Practices.

New investment

To face the new market challenges, Multisac bet on a new equipment that is intended to produce another type of bag called "Bag Pouch".


With lines of printing, laminating, rewinding and sachets, Multisac has invested in the latest equipment that allow greater flexibility and high quality.

Multisac continues to cooperate with ADDA

The Multisac continues to support the initiatives taking place in Vouzela county.
Following what has been happening in recent years back to support the Associação D. Duarte de Almeida (ADDA) with the sponsorship of the equipment of Table Tennis athletes.
It should be noted that the ADDA has had a good performance in this modality at the district level.


Multisac was being awarded with the certification according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008 for The Quality Management Systems with the following scope: "Production and Marketing of Flexible Packaging, With and Without Impression".
Was also attributed the certification according to NP EN ISO 22000: 2005 for the Management Systems Food Safety, with the following scope:"Production and Marketing of Flexible Packaging, With and Without Impression, for the Food Area Produced in Multisac Headquarters.


Throughout its history, which reports about 15 years, Multisac has been marking a position of prestige and high quality service. It has always been recognized by its customersand by the large number of packages already manufactured and by the growth that has been observed in recent years.

The technical structure and production is handled by a team with great experience, with a group of workers who head the various departments at their best in the specialties of Production, Logistics, Law, Management, Purchasing and Quality.

To face the challenges of the future and to make its services more effective, Multisac has been expanding its machinery, purchasing a new printer, 8 colors Drum Center, a new rewinder and a new laminator. More recently, bought a high technology type pouch bag machine, a manufacturing line of Bag-in-Box, a triangular bags machine for flowers and herbs, that has considerably improved its production capacity, increasing the quality on manufactured products.


To be one of the leading companies in the market for laminated flexible packaging for the food industry, maximizing customer satisfaction, supported by a wide range of quality products, by the competence of our human resources in permanent updating and technological innovation, to ensure a sustained growth in the long term.

Multisac's strategy is based on the guiding principles that lead its business to ensure the customers needs and expectations, providing products suitable for use and adequate to the defined specifications at the lowest cost possible.

The quality control of our products includes laboratory tests conducted both internally and externally.

Our three strategic guide lines:

- To be a leader company in the main markets;
- Innovate and invest in technology and human resources;
- Producing quality and to accomplish delivery deadlines.


Environmental concerns assume an important role in the daily life of modern societies.

In this sense, Multisac adopts a some measures, not only to minimize potential environmental damage, resulting from the development of their business, but also to actively promote and contribute to the raising awareness of recycling.
Multisac seeks to produce and to distinguish its products, in order to contribute for the Preservation of the Environment.

- Legislation: meeting all the requirements of national and local legislation related to Occupational Health and Safety and to the Protection of the Environment;

- Equipment: selection of new equipment taking into account its energy consumption;

- Waste Disposal Plan: minimizing the release of waste through recycling and reuse of by-products.

In order to implement a sustainable system of Environmental Management, Multisac is in the process of implementation of ISO 14001:2012, and want to get their certification in 2016.

Policy of quality

Multisac - Embalagens Flexíveis, S.A. since 20th november 1996 has been committed to offering its customers a high level of quality and services that meet their requirements and expectations. Aware of the importance of the existence of a Quality Management System, Multisac invested in the implementation of the system and obtained the certification NP EN ISO 9001:2008, on July 17, 2013. This certification is very important because it reflects the dedication and investment of Multisac and his entire team to ensure the quality of products and services.
Multisac intends to continue to invest in continuous improvement of its processes, always focused on customer satisfaction and already obtained NP EN ISO 22000: 2005 certification for Food Safety Management System, on July 25, 2014.
We aim to achieve, by 2016, the certification NP EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System.
The Administration of Multisac - Embalagens Flexíveis, S.A. wants to express, through this policy, to its employees,customers and suppliers, that ensures these main objectives:
• The total satisfaction of its customers by providing products adequate to their specifications, always on time and complying with legal requirements;
• Achieve and maintain a high quality level of products that promote the prestige and increase the loyalty of our customers;
• Promote training and experience of its employees by encouraging them towards innovation, promoting the commitment and personal fulfillment of each of them;
• Ensure that all employees understand and implement the quality policy and that they may suggest improvements to the Quality Management System.

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