HP Indigo 20000

HP Indigo 20000, state-of-the-art digital printing technology in the flexible packaging market. This device is designed for versatility in product launches, marketing campaigns, with small quantities, enabling individual bag customization, with security code printing, and able to produce sleeves. High quality printing and resolution quality, with no printmaking or etching costs allowing faster delivery times.

Comexi F4

Comexi F4 was the first to introduce the patented FLEXO Efficiency concepts of ergonomics and accessibility, in addition to performance and robustness, which are also characteristics of the whole range of Comexi machines. The perfect solution for Flexography up to 8 colors, with AVT system included.

Comexi ML2

Comexi ML2 offers full versatility with different types of flexible packaging applications. It enables 3-layer structures, thermal sealing applications, record coatings with matte and shiny varnishes, cold-sealing, solvent-based and solventless lamination and several other options, all with a single laminator.

Comexi SL2

Comexi SL2, given its design, affords operators easy use, based on its state-of-the-art controls, making it the perfect laminator for small- and medium-sized print runs for a wide range of materials.

Comexi S2DT

Comexi S2DT is a multi-purpose machine that cuts most film widths used on the flexible packaging market without any problems, with a high-production rate due to its dual tower output.

Mamata Win-500-PM

Mamata Win-500-PM is a machine with a unique combination of simplicity, flexibility and performance. The only manufacturer of bags with the flexibility to produce not only bags with central seals, 2/3 side seals, but also doypack bags with zips and zipless, on the same platform.

Enprom ERS-60

Emprom ERS-60 is a heat shrinkable sleeve seam machine, which turns a plastic sheet into a single or multi-sleeve label for promotional packaging, also known as sleeves. This equipment guarantees consistent, strong seals, so the packaging doesn’t come open when heat is applied. Using adhesive enables flat, clean sealing.


BIB-500-SL is highly versatile, sealing the different film layers, placing the nozzle and tap, with a data marking record on the bag, cutting or perforating for individual or continuous bag production. This is a fully automated process. This includes a single track, producing bags between 3-20 liters of capacity.