Quality Policy

Multisac’s Management wants to express, through this Policy to its employees, as well as to its customers and suppliers, its conviction that: • Quality is a key factor in the future of the Company and must be assumed with responsibility by everyone, starting with management;
• Quality is to Prevent, not to correct mistakes;
• At Multisac, Quality will always be subject to continuous improvement. Failures will be taken advantage of to improve and every effort will be made to locate their causes so that they do not recur; • The importance of implementing a Food Safety System guarantees that all products produced comply with all safety and hygiene rules so that our customers and future consumers obtain a product that is 100% safe;

Thus, our Company has as its main objectives:
• Guarantee the profitability of the organization;
• Guarantee the total satisfaction of its customers, providing them with a safe and high quality product according to their specifications, within the established term, complying with contractual, legislative, regulatory and normative requirements;
• Establish good internal and external communication channels so that relevant and important information, on issues related to food security, is transmitted in a clear and unambiguous way;
• Contribute to the development and increase of the skills and knowledge of our employees, providing them with continuous training and appropriate to their functions, as well as ensuring their involvement and awareness of the total commitment to the Quality Management and Food Safety System;
• Invest in technological development and improvement of our production process in order to respond to changes and market developments, always taking into account the guarantee of food safety, complying with good practices and the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Points System ( Codex Alimentarius HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and current regulations;
• Preserving the environment using the appropriate and necessary resources, as well as treating and correctly managing the waste resulting from the company’s activity; • Ensuring, maintaining, reviewing and continuously improving the Food Quality and Safety Management system implemented in order to guarantee its functioning and effectiveness.
The Management of Multisac – Embalagens Flexíveis, SA, supports the implementation of the system, which it periodically reviews, and requests its entire team, collaboration, commitment and responsibility for this whole process, in order to continuously improve our management system .

Approved: 06/19/2015