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100% Recyclable vs Biodegradable vs Compostable

Are these terms familiar to you?

At Multisac these products are already a reality, materials transformed into Films, Bags and Format Bags, for a more sustainable future. However, there are differences between theme!

Recycling is the process of transforming used products or materials into new products or materials for reuse. An easily recyclable or 100% recyclable product is something that was once another product or material, but after serving its purpose, instead of being considered garbage and placed in a landfill, it is transformed into a new product and incorporated in this way, in the Circular Economy.


In the video below you can check the process of digital printing and pouch making of Doypack 100% Recyclable.




On the other hand, we have Biodegradables and Compostables, are these terms the same?

The terminology can be very confusing, but we are here to clarify.

Biodegradability is the characteristic of materials or substances that can be degraded by microorganisms, in order to transform them into simpler substances. The materials can be of rapid biodegradability, taking only a few weeks, or of slow biodegradability.

Finally, Compostable refers to the material’s ability to fully return to Earth and not cause damage to the environment.


At the same time, when we approach the term Ecological, we can’t refer only to materials and products, but also to production processes. In this way, Multisac, has been making a joint effort with national and international partnerships to develop Polymers that are easily Recyclable, 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable, concurrently with productive processes of Neutral and Solvent Free CO2 Printing, with Zero Carbon emissions.


At Multisac the future is now!